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Our Approach

At SEN Legal, we understand that the Special Educational Needs of children can put an enormous strain on families.

Not only is meeting the child or young person’s needs a demanding and exhausting task, fighting the education system, health and social services can quickly become an overwhelming process – often feeling more like taking on an additional part-time job.

Parents often feel that they are just ‘strung along’ or ‘put off’ from appealing. They may have been told that there is not enough recorded evidence, they should try again later, it’s too early to assess. This can, unfortunately, happen repeatedly.

How we can help you.

Whilst the prospect of instructing a solicitor can sometimes seem daunting, some parents find that in reality it is an enormous relief that they can finally stop ‘banging their head against a brick wall’.

The advantage of instructing SEN Legal to assist you with issues relating to your child’s special educational needs is that we will use our experience and knowledge in what is a highly specialised area of the law to robustly advance your, and  your child’s, best interests. Our objective is always to use our considerable knowledge and experience to achieve the best possible solution for our clients.

We offer a sympathetic approach to families who have been let down, and treated wrongly or unfairly, understanding that by the time parents reach us, they are usually at the end of their tether desperate to persuade their Local Education Authority to make appropriate provision for their Child’s Special Educational Needs.Our Values Graphic

Right People, Right Outcome.

Here at SEN Legal, we aim to be approachable, client focused and supportive. We have personal as well as professional experience of the education process, Statements of Special Educational Needs and the problems which can arise. Melinda is able to relate to and empathise with her clients as she is the mother of three children, one of whom has Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and a severe Language Disorder.

We can therefore offer sensitivity towards any issues that might arise and a committed, family-friendly approach to our work.

Our Values.

Whilst we have a reputation for robust representation for our clients, the practice value is based on every Child’s right to an education and the provision of therapeutic input or Social Services provision irrespective of means. There is nothing in the legislation or Code of Practice which contains an “If we can afford it” proviso.

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