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SEN Legal/3PB Announce date for their Annual Conference as Monday 15th May 2017.

February 3rd, 2017

SEN Legal/3PB Announce their Annual Conference on the 2014 Act and on the progress and pitfalls for expert witnesses/specialist, special schools in the independent sector and specialist/special school academies and parental advisors, particularly charities.
The conference will be on recent developments in relation to the 2014 Act to update all professionals with new developments, Case Law and recent research.

The subjects of the conference will be:

How is the 2014 Act working/there are a number of reports of workings with the 2014 Act, published. They include reports from the Driver Trust, Mr Lee Scott to the Secretary of State for Education, he was specifically appointed by the Minister of Education to look into the 2014 Act and its workings, the National Autistic Society, just to mention only three. They all have identified significant problems in the workings of the Act in practice. These problems are matters of importance for expert witnesses, and special/specialist school and other Advisors.

The relationship between the Care Act and the 2014 Act. There is recent important case law, making it clear that the 2014 Act has brought in into special educational provision new social care issues, which were previously excluded. It has extended the Health Care issues which come within the ambit of the Act.

For those with an EHC plan, there are separate enforcement provisions, relatively unknown and disregarded to enforce pure social care and health care issues.

We will be providing a comprehensive case law update.

Mental capacity: how it affects the conduct of SEN appeals, and where it is relevant to long-term prospects of young persons with disabilities and SEN.

Defending Claims against Independent Special Schools.

Currently, speakers will include:
(i) John Friel, specialist barrister.
(ii) Melinda Nettleton, director of SEN Legal, a highly specialist solicitor.
(iii) Charlotte Hadfield, specialist barrister.
(iv) Hayley Mason, specialist SEN solicitor.
(v) Lachlan Wilson, specialist barrister.

This conference will be held at the JP Morgan Media Centre at Lords Cricket Ground. Further details related to bookings will be announced in due course.