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Allys Kelsey

Trainee Solicitor

Allys Kelsey.jpg

I joined SEN Legal in September 2019 as a paralegal before becoming a Trainee Solicitor in April 2022.


My work includes liaising with clients and experts, drafting documents and supporting the solicitors on cases. Before joining SEN Legal I worked in 2 law firms gaining 5 years of experience various areas of law, including real estate, family and litigation. When deciding to take the next step in my legal career I wanted to branch into an area of law that makes an impact on people’s lives, helping children and young adults achieve what they want from school and life seemed to be the perfect fit.


I have known many people who have struggled with their education because they have not received the right support. Seeing the impact this can have on children and young people makes me motivated to help make sure that people are receiving the support

they require in their education. Working in this area of law is extremely personal for me and the work that we do is very rewarding.


As I progress through my legal studies, I hope to be able to make a difference to the lives of children and young people with Special Educational Needs. I believe that working alongside some of the leading professionals in Education Law will help me to achieve these goals.

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