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For those in the know, SEN Legal has discreetly provided advice to schools and colleges for the last 20 years. At our last two Annual Conferences for professionals, Melinda has presented a range of topics which have been of recent concern to our clients’ schools and colleges, including:

  • Ofsted complaints (including Judicial Review and Injunctions where appropriate);

  • Non-payment of fees by Local Authorities;

  • Refusal to pay fee increases;

  • Top up funding/delegated budgets and the Local Authorities’ financial obligations;

  • Requests for fee reductions;

  • Contractual Default Notices;

  • The National Contract versus your own;

  • Demands for cost breakdowns;

  • Complaints to the Education Funding Agency; and

  • Disability Discrimination and reasonable adjustments

  • Safeguarding and DBS checks.

We’re also great at cutting out excess LA paperwork. We start from the proposition that teachers are best doing what they are trained to do. We can sort out the legal minimum and give you more time to do what you do best.

We’re great with SEN, and committed to making sure you have the time and funding to do your best for your students. It’s a good affordable service priced for parents, so not the usual commercial (cost an arm and a leg) rates. So, what’s not to like?

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