Client care is an integral aspect of our work at SEN Legal. We are committed in our objective to provide a network of approachable, family-friendly practitioners to support you with your case.

Although it is easy for us to say that we can achieve this level of service for you, perhaps the best perspective that can be offered is from our previous clients. These are unsolicited comments that have been emailed to us by our clients:

We are extremely grateful to all at Sen Legal involved in our case and all the hard work to achieve a outcome for our daughter better than we ever imagined .


It will certainly give her the best chances and opportunity for the future. Many thanks to all.

Anne Eckhardt, 3rd July 2018

“We wish to thank you all for the work you did on our daughter’s case, which resulted in such a positive outcome.  This would not have been achieved had you not been involved and we are very grateful. Our daughter has settled into her new school fantastically. She has made friends and is enjoying herself. We have already seen an improvement in her reading and confidence in the short time she has been there.


We particularly wanted to say that we were very impressed with your Trainee Solicitor, Nicole.  She is delightful to deal with and has just the right balance of answering questions she is able with confidence but referring to others where necessary, which always left me feeling reassured.

The work you all do is invaluable to parents in our situation, we couldn’t have been in better hands!

Thank you all so very much.”


“Thank you everyone for all the support and advice you have given us along the way to getting our EHC Plan agreed. It has been an arduous process and we couldn’t have done it without your expertise and patience.


You have made the process clear and clarified the actions needed to move the case along, providing recommendations for very effective experts to build our case. The EHC Plan we have as a result is very comprehensive and tightly mapped out. We are so grateful that we have been able to secure the education that our daughter needs.”

Mr & Mrs C - West Sussex

“Dear Melinda, Karen and team,

We would both like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your tireless fight with Suffolk LEA to secure St David’s college in Llandudno as a placement for our son, Ashley.


Mainstream had not worked for him with his condition of specific learning difficulties, he was getting further behind his peers, no self esteem or confidence and frustration to the point of school refusal which in itself is very stressful. Ashley has now been at school for five weeks and is absolutely loving it, the whole school approach is working and he has settled into boarding life very quickly even when he has come home after three weeks for an exeat weekend he has said “I can’t wait to get back to school” which is previously unheard of, he is also proud of his achievements and he is at last smiling.


Without the support of SEN Legal as well as all the expert witnesses and Mr J Friel we would not have achieved this goal our thanks again.”

Nigel and Vanessa

Thank you very much for your  help and professionalism to win this case for us .


We are very happy  everything turned out well . Thank you for your good wishes and kind words for Francis . Sebastian is settling the financial side. Please contact us if you have any further questions .


We definitely will recommenced you and your office for others and hopefully we won't need you in the future, but we will call you if we do. You took so much stress and worries of our shoulders.


Thank you again.

Edita, 3rd July 2018

“Dear Melinda, Karen and all at SEN legal who were involved in Alex’s case, 


I’m just writing to let you know that Alex has been at St Mary’s for almost a full year, and his development since joining them has been fantastic, he is a much happier little boy. I was at his annual statement review yesterday and all those involved with his education and care are amazed and delighted at how he’s progressed. He has really blossomed at his new school and has settled in brilliantly. It is reassuring to know that he is at last in an educational setting where he is getting the therapeutic input, education and out of school life skills opportunities we could only dream of before (he’s even learnt to swim!).

I really want to say an enormous thank you for your support with the statementing process and taking on the LEA at Tribunal as I simply could not have done this myself, having had to battle for every aspect of Alex’s education for years with limited results, I’m quite certain I’d still be in that miserable situation if I hadn’t engaged you’re legal services. As you see from my previous comments the benefits are self evident.”

Jayne Waters

“…it is a privilege to have been represented by such dedicated, efficient and understanding professionals.


If it wasn’t for people like you doing the work you do our special children would never get a chance to fulfil their potential.


Whatever the future may hold for my son I will always be grateful to you for helping me to give my son the best chance in life. Keep up the good work.”

Mrs Akhtar

“After years of fighting my LEA/Social Services for the help we were legally entitled to and facing delays, obfuscation and in some instances lied to, it really helped having SEN to advise/back up/enforce our legal rights – other people I know are in the same position, so if they need legal help I’d be happy to point them in SEN’s direction.”

Mrs W - Peterborough

My wife and I would like to convey our gratitude to Karen, Melinda, John and all your colleagues at SENLEGAL for the fantastic effort and expertise you deployed to support our son and ourselves through this challenging case.

Anon - London 2018