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Our professional EHC Plan 'Health Check' service offers you personal and expert advice on your draft or final EHC Plan. Our Solicitors will check your plan and offer you advice on areas that would benefit from being amended or added to.


Our EHC Plan Health Check costs a fixed one-off fee of just £400 (+VAT at 20%) and we aim to turn around your report in just 7 days.

Included in the Health Check service is:

  • Your draft or final EHC Plan will be read by one of our fully trained, specialist Solicitors.

  • Our Solicitors will make recommendations on amendments of additions that you would benefit from.

  • Our team will report back to you via telephone or email, depending on your preference.

Have one of our Specialist Solicitors check your child's draft or final EHC Plan for a one-off fee of just £400 (+VAT at 20%).

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